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Breaking up the concrete (stigma) of mental illnesses and disorders across all ethnicities and cultures!

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Glowing Thru Concrete:

What is it?

There are many people who live with something while having this heavy feeling as if they are trapped under concrete. However, Glowing Thru Concrete is here to address it and support you through your blooming. We strive to do this by educating and spreading awareness on mental health to break that concrete of stigma on mental illness; As well as helping individuals break the concrete that they are under and bloom through their mental illness or the illness of a loved one by letting them know that they are not alone, and growing/glowing through concrete is possible.

No one has to let any situation or diagnosis define who they are. Breaking your barrier displays your strength. Let's GLOW through concrete together!

A Message From Tyeisha:

Although at times we may experince difficult life experiences, it may be that very thing that seperates you from everyone else that God will use to help you reach your growth, next level, and success. You can thrive through anything!


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